Technical & Cyber-Security Advisory

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IT Security Advisory

IT Security Advisory

Atlantic will help you secure your infrastructure and choose secure applications/partners for your sensitive data.

Security Monitoring during ICO

Security Monitoring during ICO

From start to finish of the ICO, you will be targeted by hackers. It is important to put in place a system to monitor any activity on your landing page, including monitoring phishing, among other activities.

Hacking test

Hacking Test

Atlantic can provide security testing on your website or IT configurations.

Physical storage system advisory

Physical Storage System Advisory

Having private keys is important. Atlantic will advise you about the storage and management of these.

User awareness

User Awareness

User behaviour is a key element for security. Atlantic can help you manage passwords, detect phishing attempts and apply best security practices.

Technical Audit

Technical Audit

We will analyse the technology used, the interaction with the blockchain, backup solutions and ensure that blockchain properties are correctly used.