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ICOs Strategy and planning

ICOs Strategy and Planning

Atlantic provides strategic advice to clients who want to improve the process, the quality and the efficiency of their Initial Coin Offering or Token Generation Event.

Atlantic will advise its clients regarding the entire scope of the event from planning and launch to subsequent follow-up strategies.

ICO Rating

ICO Rating

Atlantic has extensive experience evaluating ICOs for its own needs or those of its clients.

Every aspect of the projects is screened, evaluated and rated in order to have a full overview of the potential for each investing opportunity team: technology, tokenomics, advisors, project rationale, structure, competition etc.

Atlantic will act as an internal reviewer (with full access to all the information, data and team) and also as an external one (using available public information) so that we can see things from an investor’s perspective.

Token economics

Token Economics

Atlantic will help you understand and take the best decisions regarding your token generation and the economics related to it, helping to assess issues such as how many tokens will be minted, which kind of distribution, vesting periods, pricing approach, allocation etc.

White Paper

Whitepaper Assistance

Atlantic will help improve the whitepaper wording/presentation to maximise its impact for investors, and carry out a comparison analysis with other whitepapers of existing successful strategies.